It’s All About Me

I’m a Wife, Mom, Stepmom, Freelance Writer, Reader, Special Needs Warrior, Korean Student Host and apparently a #%@#*! if you’ve ever driven behind me (I tend not to veer headlong into ongoing traffic even if you are in a motherf-in hurry).

I’m also a multi-ethnic cook, a survivor of an 11-year stint in the Los Angeles entertainment industry, a jack-of-all-trades who’s worked about 50+ different jobs and an American Christian who is NOT a Republican….or a Democrat…or a Libertarian, and especially not an Egotistarian (whatever, Leader of the Free World, just do your job, ok?)

Anyways, here’s hoping I can dig up an entertaining story or two out of this eclectic mish-mosh – fuzzy details and all.


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